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At Just Funded Mortgage, we want you to feel comfortable making the decisions that get you into the home of your dreams. A big part of that is speaking the language. Below is a brief overview of mortgage vocabulary, including major loan types and other terms you will run into. A basic understanding of these terms will make you feel right at home working with Just Funded Mortgage loan officer.

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How can a mortgage loan calculator help me search for my new home?

USDA mortgage calculator – Equipped with the data from your home mortgage calculator, you and your real estate agent can focus on homes that match your budget. Determining your budget right at the start can save time and effort, and can help you get into your dream home sooner. At Just Funded Mortgage, we offer many types of home loan calculators so that you can make important comparisons based on the data that matters most to you. Our mortgage loan calculator tools were designed to help you become better informed about all your choices so you can shop smarter. Contact a Just Funded Mortgage loan officer today for straightforward guidance on finding the home loan that best fits your needs.  

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These rates are a representative sample of rates available today.

Mortgage Glossary

Mortgage vocabulary & other terms you need to know.

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