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  • Tips to Prevent Online Fraud January 13, 2021
    It’s unfathomable. For years you worked toward paying off your mortgage, and perhaps you even took a little vacation to celebrate it. You return home only to find that another loan was recently acquired in your name. Then you check your bank account and see all your savings are now gone. Is this an alternate […]
  • Best Advice to First-Time Homebuyers January 8, 2021
    Question: We’re in the process of hopefully purchasing our first home, and I’m a little lost on everything that is going on. What’s the best advice you would give to first-time homebuyers? Here is my best advice to first-time homebuyers. Best Advice to First-Time Homebuyers Without question, your first step in the home buying process […]
  • Younger homebuyers’ tastes are changing December 18, 2020
    It wasn’t long ago that demographers reported on how Gen Z and Millenials were all about “experiences” and not necessarily about settling down and buying homes. HousingWire reports, however, that despite what many believe, younger homebuyers or Gen Z and Millennials do want to become homeowners and they’re excited by the prospect. Challenges of Younger […]

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